You have reached the home page of VoydPhil.  Dedicated in helping to fill the void in
God’s people.  Most Christians and Jews would agree that at times there is a great void
between them, we hope to help fill that void between them and the one that might be
within them as well.  If you consider yourself Christian, Jewish, both or neither; we here
at VoydPhil hope to help you discover and fill the void that is in you too, while filling the
void between us.

To learn more about VoydPhil and what it is from a general prospective, please visit
About Us. Here you will find our mission statement and how we see filling the void in all
of God’s people. If Christian or Jewish we at VoydPhil wish to reach both and to be an
instrument used by God to fill the void in and between His people.

Of course, we at VoydPhil wish to hear from you and welcome any comments and
question concerning this ministry and our website. Please take a moment and browse
our site. Then send us your thoughts by going to the
Contact Us page. And of course if
you have questions or ideas on the mission of filling the void in God’s people— we
would love to hear from you. If you’re a Christian or Jewish or neither or both, please
let us know. Maybe you can help us fill the void in our website with your ideas.

There are what we call
VoydPhil-ings for you to hopefully learn more on specific topics.
Such as Passover or Sukkot or filling the void between and in the Christian and Jewish
people. These little devotionals are meant to help to not only fill the void in us, but to
help to show where a void might be that needs to be filled. As Christian or Jewish
people, we sometimes can’t see the void that is in us. For a void to be filled it must first
be discovered before it can be filled.
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