About our Name
“What’s in a name?”
Why VoydPhil?
Good questions.
The answers can be found here.

Mission Statement
To help fill the void in the Jewish individual by teaching fellow Christians about Jewish
beliefs and customs. Whereby giving the believers more understanding of their own Jewish
heritage and equipping them with the ability to better relate to the Jew. Therefore, resulting in
an improved opportunity for bringing the Jewish people to Jesus Christ the Messiah.
The statement behind the mission here.

Key Verses
There are over 23,000 verses in the Old Testament, and close to 8,000 in the New
Testament. They are all note worthy, inspirational, and invaluable to Godly living. We need to
never overlook any of them. But to VoydPhil we have a few that are the goal of what VoydPhil
is about. We have listed some of them here.

Mark E. Benjamin
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Passing Through Lightning
Being immersed in one raging storm after another, where can you turn for help? When
Passing Through Lightning, it takes more than strength and courage, it takes commitment
and faith.

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