A Jewish holiday (Pesach) celebrated for eight (or seven) days beginning on
the 15th of Nisan and commemorating the deliverance of the ancient Hebrews
from slavery in Egypt. But what is it all about - really?
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A Jewish festival, the Feast of Tabernacles, celebrating the fall harvest and
commemorating the desert wandering of the Israelites during the Exodus:
observed from the 15th to the 22d day of Tishri. Definitions seldom show us
depth, hopefully we can help to
fill that void here.

Filling the Void

Between Us
No matter how many try to preach tolerance, there will always be a void
between us to some degree. From a close and personal level of you and
those you interact with daily. To a global scale of different peoples, as in the
void that might be between Jews and Christians. This void might not
completely disappear, but it can be overcome.
Here are some ways.

In Us
What does it mean to have a void within oneself? Does it mean we are lacking
something or is something present that shouldn’t be? What it is not, is any
indication of a lack of self worth. A void is not an admission to failure or an end-
of-the-line situation. We all have voids in us; many are unknown even to its
owner. Let me share some of those
voids I have noticed and how to contend
with them.